Dagmar Aaen in the shipyard


Despite the quite instable weather conditions, work on the "Dagmar Aaen" in Egernsund in Denmark is making good progress. The hull got a new coat of paint last week. At the same time the propeller was checked and greased, the sea cocks were opened up and the zinc anode was replaced. The ship should be able to get back into water on the weekend.

If the weather ever improve, all of the structures, the plank sheer and the stanchion will be caulked. The hear bollard must be replaced after it was ripped off in Rio de Janeiro during the "Ocean Change"-Expedition.

The crew members Matze and Bernhard have built the new pantry - a "trial-fitting" has already taken place - and it will be completed soon. They also replaced all of the sanitary pipes which were hidden under the old pantry. In the meantime, the wastewater and the toilet pipes have also been replaced. The toilets and the pumps have also been totally overhauled. The wastewater tank was taken out to be cleaned and Micha will have the new covering ready shortly.

Of course the engine will be overhauled and besides the normal maintenance work such as adjustment to the valves, the cleaning of the heat exchanger and the sealing of the water pumps, there is not too much work to be done in this area.

Besides some rather complicated adjustments on the electrics, work has been done on deck. The boom and the gaff have had three coats of paint, the pulleys have been refitted, the rudder post dismantled and painted and all of the running gear has been replaced. The gooseneck fitting is in a repair shop at the moment.

By the Rum-Regatta on Ascension Day the "Dagmar Aaen" should be all set to go again.