Work on the shipyard in Iceland

Sometimes one just has to have a bit of luck….. The sun has been shining since we arrived at Husavik. Against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains, it is warm and dry. Optimal Conditions for our work at the dock yard. And there is a lot to be done.

Elise, Frank, Ulli and Mario had set off for Iceland by ferry and so two cars jam packed with spare parts and other materials await us at our friends’ dockyard Northsailing in the small harbor of Husavik. Just after Arved, Matze and Peter arrived by air, our expedition ship the “Dagmar Aaen” came on land. It is always an exciting moment when the ship weighing about 80 tons is pulled out of the water onto the slip with a winch. Lauren, who spent the winter on the Dagmar Aaen, is in the meantime perfectly familiar with the dock yard and so in no time there was a frame around the ship. There were no small mussels attached to the hull of the Dagmar Aaen and so it was possible to begin sanding right away in preparation for the new coat of paint. At the same time Arved, Frank and Peter – the ‘metal crew’ - dismantled the massive rudder blade in order to then take off the ship’s propeller and the motor shaft.

Twice last year we had problems with the variable pitch propeller and so Arved decided to disassemble the complete drive system and replace various parts. No sooner said than done. Just two days later, the completely overhauled drive train was reinstalled. So now the three-cylinder-Kallsen- Diesel should bring us safely to our new destinations. But just to be on the safe side, when the work at the dockyard is completed, the power unit will be optically measured and readjusted if necessary.

Right on time for Easter, the Dagmar Aaen shines once again in bright red and white. The ‘painting crew’-  Lauren, Mario, Ulli and Matze made a good job of it. The reefing gear on the mainsail was repaired, the sacrificial anodes were replaced and work on the rig was set up as well.

If things continue to go this well, we are planning to reward ourselves on Easter Sunday with a visit to the new Nature Spa in Husavik…..