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ICE-Camp ends in Bergen

The sixth edition of our international youth camp started on June 11th in Kristiansand (Norway). With the German vessel "Ryvar" (Photo) we sailed along the Norwegian coast via Stavanger and the Hardangerfjord to the nice city of Bergen. In...

Ice-bouy passes the 5.000 kilometer mark

On the 18th of August, Arved Fuchs set out an ice-buoy on a compact ice-berg off the east coast of Greenland (73°21,98'N / 21°39,62'W) and from this point the ice-berg drifted south down the total coastline. It then took...

Last preparations take place in Qaanaaq

Arved Fuchs' next expedition is not far off. In order to clear the details directly, Arved Fuchs from Bad Bramstedt, is leaving next week for Greenland, where the next tour will take place from April to May. In the...