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18 September 2022

More than everyday life on board

In such a mixed crew as can be found on board the Dagmar Aaen, different people with different abilities come together. And every member contributes accordingly to the community. At sea and in port, there are always enough smaller jobs to do, be it paintwork and woodwork, repairs to the rig or splicing lines.
The same applies to provisions and food. Now, with Judith and Peter, we have a more than talented cooking team on board: Regardless of the fact that the route planning calls for mooring in a port every two to three days, the two of them insist on great meals from the provisions available to prepare. The special highlights include the baking actions of the two - the entire crew agrees on that. Whether at sea or in port, freshly baked bread was often served to us at breakfast and dinner. Quiet days in port are started with breakfast eggs and crispy rolls from the on-board oven. That makes up for some rough crossings.