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24 June 2024

The first week

A really eventful week lies behind us: the start in Kiel with the many press representatives and supporters of the OCEAN CHANGE present, finally setting sail and the start of the on-board routine. This was followed by a detailed emergency medical briefing by our on-board doctor, Dr Alexander Weise, and finally sailing north in summery weather with the days getting longer and longer. A great atmosphere.

On the island of Læsø, we visit the farm of Sigrid's parents, the youngest crew member accompanying us on the journey north. Her parents have set up a festive table in the garden where a veritable feast of fresh salads and seafood awaits us. Free-range animals everywhere: donkeys, ducks, geese, chickens, little pigs, goats and rabbits - it's like being in Bullerbü. A great evening with great hosts.

Yesterday we travelled from Læsø to Strandby, our last Danish harbour for the time being. Last night we celebrated the Danish Midsummer Festival with a big fire on the beach together with the locals.

Summer has now officially arrived. And today we will be making the leap across the Skagerak to Norway.


(OCEAN CHANGE 2024 gen Bäreninsel gestartet)
(Skagerak to Haugesund)