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02 July 2024

Skagerak to Haugesund

The Skagerak meant well with us - perhaps too well.

Weak winds, accompanied by dense sea fog and absolute calm in places. We have never experienced this sea area so calm. In Kristiansand, our first Norwegian port, we are visited by customs and the police. Our papers and IDs are checked. There are no objections.

Then we continue around Cape Lindesness in thick fog and calm towards Stavanger and then into the Karmsund. The calm weather makes it easy for us to work with the CXTD probe. We have to stop the ship to lower the probe several hundred meters. We will continue to take these measurements.

The wind finally picks up. With the main reefed so that it doesn't cover the headsails, we sail with jib, jib and flyer before the wind into the harbor of Haugesund.


(The first week)
(From Haugesund through the Hardangerfjord to Norheimsund)