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02 July 2024

From Haugesund through the Hardangerfjord to Norheimsund

Our next destination is the Hardangerfjord. The fjord is enormous in its dimensions. Seventy miles inland lies the small town of Norheimsund - our next destination.

There is the "Hardanger Fartoyvernsenter" - a state-funded museum shipyard where old boatbuilding trades are practiced and historically relevant ships are restored. It's unbelievable what is possible in Norway in this respect. The maritime heritage is held in very high regard here. We are given a guided tour of the workshops: a forge where all the fittings for the ships are forged. From small rivets for the planking of open boats to heavy fittings for the larger ones - everything is made here on the forge itself. There is even an 80-metre-long reefer line where hemp is beaten into rope in the traditional way. We get a return visit in the evening. The Dagmar Aaen is no stranger here. Although she is not a museum ship, she is a traditional sailing ship.


(Skagerak to Haugesund)
(On the way to Alesund)