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07 July 2024

On the way to Alesund

The Norwegian fjords and sounds are like a labyrinth. Some of them are over 500 meters deep, so we can lower our CTD probe to its maximum depth.

It is then slowly winched up again with the cordless screwdriver. The idea for this and the whole device, including the winch drum, was thought up and built by a crew member some time ago. The system has been working perfectly ever since. This is where digital high-tech from the company "Sea and Sun Technology" meets similar home-made technology.

Our next destination is the town of Alesund, where we have a meeting with the Maritime Competence Center and the university.
We are excited, I will report back!

Position: 62.29894, 6.033897


(From Haugesund through the Hardangerfjord to Norheimsund)
(Visit to the Maritime Competence Center)