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10 July 2024

Visit to the Maritime Competence Center

The fact that digitalization is well advanced in Norway becomes apparent on the first day of your visit. Cash is hardly ever used and port fees are paid via an app.

But that's not all. Yesterday, we were able to get an impressive impression of how far digital simulation (digital twins) has come here. We were invited to the "Maritime Competence Center". Not only innovative start-ups can be found there, but also large offshore companies, shipping companies, etc. There are several large simulators in which, for example, work assignments in the offshore sector are rehearsed before they are put into practice. There are simulators that demonstrate the threat posed by rising sea levels, as well as driving simulators for students studying nautical science at the affiliated university. It all meshes together like the cogwheels of a large gearbox. Ultra-modern, highly effective and incredibly impressive and visionary.

Position: 62.473279, 6.155101


(On the way to Alesund)
(Fresh fish! It couldn't be fresher.)