22 September 2022

final sprint

After four days, the storm slowly subsides. With waves up to 6 meters high and wind force 10, we have been waiting for the weather to improve in Stavanger for the last few days. It's still windy outside, but overall it's become more moderate. At daybreak we set off. At the beginning we are still well protected by the offshore skerries and can even go full gear. In the afternoon, however, the wind and swell continue to increase, so that we have to reduce the sail area. As soon as we left the protective archipelago behind us, the northwest wind caught up with us in gusts of 35 knots and 3 meter high waves. It's great sailing! We cruise downwind at up to 7 knots. Only in the evening does the wind slowly die down. In front of us the Skagerak - the gateway to the Baltic Sea. Shipping traffic is increasing significantly: fishing cutters, ferries, container ships and tankers everywhere you look. We reach the port of Skagen at 2.30 a.m. under a clear starry sky... Almost home.

(OCEAN CHANGE Expedition 2021/22 completed)
(More than everyday life on board)

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