North Pole Dawn

North Pole Dawn

Arved Fuchs set sail from the harbour of Hamburg in the 9th of June, 2009, for heading for Iceland (Ice-Climate-Education 2009) and further on in direction of Greenland's north west coast and north-east coast of Canada.
This region, with its spectacular high mountain landscape and the largest glaciers in the Arctic, is the goal for the latest expedition - "North Pole Dawn".
This new project will last a whole year, during which the ship will overwinter in the pack ice of the coast of Greenland.

The theme of the project is the Greely Expedition from 1881-84, which ended most tragically. Many expeditions set for the Arctic regions in the 19th century and most of them ended with a catastrophe. Due to the receding pack ice, it is now possible - though with great difficulty - to reach the destination points and remains of this unsuccessful expedition.
Because of the progessive change in climate, it is possible today to reach regions which years ago were mostly inaccessible due to the pack ice.
Besides the search for historical finds, climate changes and recession of the pack ice will play an important role during the project.

Once again, a logbook will be written during the journey along the north-west coast of Greenland.

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Wednesday, 3. June 2009