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21 May 2023

Out of the shipyard - into the RumRegatta!

The shipyard stay lasted nine weeks. On Ascension Day it was time to cast off. In best weather we went from Egernsund back to Flensburg to participate in the 42nd RumRegatta. The first time this ye...
07 May 2023

Fit für neue Reisen (NDR Schleswig-Holstein Magazin, 7.5.2023)

Nach zehntausenden gemeinsam zurückgelegten Seemeilen auf den Weltmeeren ist sein Expeditionsschiff für Arved Fuchs mehr als nur ein Transportmittel: sie ist Zuhause, Freundin und Lebensversicherun...
24 April 2023

TV-Tipp: ZDF | 30. April 2023 | 15:45 bis 16:15

planet e.: Abenteuer Arktis - Auf den Spuren des Polarforschers Arved Fuchs. Ein Film von Andreas Ewels.Mehr Infos hier.
27 September 2022

OCEAN CHANGE Expedition 2021/22 completed

The sun was really kind to the crew of the Dagmar Aaen on the final stage.   Warm, late summer weather prevailed when the Dagmar Aaen called at Flensburg's historic harbor on Sunday afterno...
22 September 2022

final sprint

After four days, the storm slowly subsides. With waves up to 6 meters high and wind force 10, we have been waiting for the weather to improve in Stavanger for the last few days. It's still windy ou...
18 September 2022

More than everyday life on board

In such a mixed crew as can be found on board the Dagmar Aaen, different people with different abilities come together. And every member contributes accordingly to the community. At sea and in port...
18 May 2023

Arved Fuchs and the Legend of the Northwest Passage

The Northwest Passage, the northern sea route from Europe to Asia, has always been challenging and dangerous. Even experienced sailors have failed to cross it. Roald Amundsen was the first to cross it - but it took hi...
22 April 2023

Arved Fuchs' 1993 Battle against Ice and Storm on the Northwest Passage

In 1993, explorer Arved Fuchs and his ship Dagmar Aaen set out to conquer the treacherous Northwest Passage, one of the world's most challenging nautical routes. Fuchs battled against ice and storm, facing consta...
10 April 2023

From Top to Toe - Wellness for the Dagmar Aaen at the Shipyard

Dagmar Aaen is still at the shipyard in Egernsund, where Captain Arved Fuchs and crew members just finished work on the engine. The 92-year-old wooden lady is in premium condition for the next expedition, which is to ...

From fishing cutter to faithful companion.

Dagmar Aaen

At the age of 92, the old lady is still going strong and is in superb condition.
Lovingly maintained, the cutter is not only the extremely seaworthy and acts as a "basecamp" for all expeditions, but it is also the comfortable home for the ten-strong crew. Proven on more than 300,000 nautical miles - from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

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