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13 December 2023

Question time at Kaltenkirchen grammar school

One hand washes the other. If there's a saying about dealing with other people that applies to one person, it's Arved. Here's an example: in January 2022, 13-year-old Jim Horeyseck from near Kaltenkirchen rang our office doorbell just to talk to Arved Fuchs about climate policy issues. Our team then invited him to the last I.C.E. camp on the RYVAR in the summer of '22 at short notice. Here, too, we realized that Jim is overly committed to the area that concerns us - climate protection.

On December 5 of this year, Jim took on the responsibility of organizing a project day for his year at Kaltenkirchen High School. Arved gladly accepted his invitation to give a presentation. Jim moderated the subsequent question and answer session in the packed assembly hall. The lecture was aimed at Year 10 pupils who had already covered the topic of "Oceans" in geography lessons. Sub-topics included ocean currents (including the Gulf Stream), the ocean as a climate factor, habitat, source of raw materials and transportation as well as the threat to the oceans.

We are proud and grateful that we were able to support your project day, Jim.